We are thrilled to announce the new Reinforced Big 10″ Wheels for Snow Kit or Snowmobile. A complete Big Wheels set by MOTOBSK is all you need to switch from 6-8″ factory wheels to Big 10″ wheels.

This Big Wheels kit is fully compatible with snowmobiles: BRP SKI-DOO Summit XM, Summit T3, LYNX Boondocker 800, Polaris, and others with a track width of 400mm.


Fitted with 10-inch reinforced rollers (reinforced 8-inch rollers are also available), improves modification and allows you to maintain better control of the snowmobile in difficult conditions, for increased flotation on steep slopes and in deep snow. You will feel much more comfortable driving the snowmobile, and you will also be able to make difficult maneuvers easier.


The rollers are manufactured on a high-precision CNC machine. High strength material is used – aluminum alloy D16T. Each roller is machined on both sides for a great look without sacrificing strength.

The universal design of the rollers and axle makes it very easy to remove and install them on different models of snowmobiles, with minimal time spent. This is due to the specially designed blocks of the kit.

Usually, installation takes 15-20 minutes, no modifying the snowmobile design or drilling. Just using a hex key. You can easily restore the base factory state if desired. Washers and all necessary hardware are included.


The Big Wheels Kit rollers are available in several designs. Every product by MOTOBSK production undergoes strict quality control.

Polymer coating in custom color according to the customer’s order (in addition to the regular ones) :
Custom White (RAL 9003), Custom Gray (RAL 7046), Custom Yellow (RAL 1016), Custom Blue (RAL 5017), Custom Pink (RAL 4003), Custom Purple (RAL 4008)


The 10″ set includes 2 rollers 10″,
2 bearings with an outer diameter of 52 mm
1 axis offset 1″
Bolts, washers, and adapters
Netto weight – 2 kg

The 8″ set includes 2 rollers 8″,
2 bearings with an outer diameter of 52 mm
Bolts, washers, and adapters
Netto weight – 1.8 kg

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