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Can I buy MOTOBSK products if I live outside US?

Sure you can. We sell and ship to anywhere in the world.

Our sales department and representatives are located in Sarasota, FL, USA. The production facilities with the warehouse are located in Russia. All orders are shipped directly from that warehouse worldwide. Delivery is carried out by the EMS international courier service using expedited express method (FREE SHIPPING to 70+ countries for all wheelie machines and some other products) and DHL EXPRESS delivery (5 days to Europe and 7 days to the United States).

Which countries are free shipping?

We ship wheelie machines, accessories, and spare parts for them free of charge via EMS couriers service to the following countries (DHL EXPRESS delivery is also available):

Albania Greece Poland
Andorra Hungary Portugal
Armenia Ireland Romania
Austria Israel* Russia
Azerbaijan Italy San Marino
Belarus Japan Serbia
Belgium Kazakhstan* Slovakia
Bosnia and Hezegovina Kyrgyzstan Slovenia
Bulgaria Latvia South Korea
Canada Liechtenstein Spain*
China Lithuania Sweden
Croatia Luxembourg Switzerland
Cyprus Malta Tajikistan
Czech Republic Moldova Turkey
Denmark Monaco UK*
Estonia Montenegro Ukraine*
Finland Netherlands USA
France North Macedonia Uzbekistan
Georgia Norway Vatican

*20kg limit per parcel (31.5kg regular limit)


We also ship to the following countries via EMS and DHL EXPRESS, but there will be surcharges depending on the shipping zone.

Cambodia Jordan Qatar
Australia* Malaysia Saudi Arabia
Gibraltar New Zealand Singapore
Hong Kong Oman Taiwan
India Pakistan Thailand
Indonesia Palestinian Territory UAE
Jersey Philippines Vietnam


Please check with our support for the most current list of countries available for delivery. Due to the pandemic and possible restrictions in some countries, there may be changes in the receipt of foreign parcels. For example, EMS has temporarily stopped shipping to Mexico and Colombia, but the DHL EXPRESS option is available. If the shipping cost for DHL is not displayed on the website for your country, please check with our support team.

The list of DHL EXPRESS only countries:

Bahamas Dominican Republic Mexico
Bahrain Egypt Mongolia
Brazil Greenland Puerto Rico
Colombia Iceland South Africa
Costa Rica Kuwait Sri Lanka

What is the delivery time in 2021?

The delivery time consists of two parts: the production time and the shipping time. You can see the production time in the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” under every product on each product page. The shipping time depends on the country and the delivery option you choose. The DHL EXPRESS option is just up to 5-7 days. FREE shipping via EMS takes several weeks now.

For over 6 years we have been using the EMS courier service. For all the time of working with this carrier, they have NOT lost a single package from us. Absolutely all parcels were delivered to the addressees. The average delivery time was 1 to 3 weeks. In 2020, due to the difficult situation in the world, as well as multiple restrictive measures to close borders and reduce flights, the delivery time through the EMS carrier has increased significantly.

Despite the fact that on February 1, 2021, the average delivery time through the EMS carrier is 32 days. At the same time, the MOTOBSK company always produces the products on time and sends the entire order to the buyer at once. For example, the PRO version of the wheelie trainer consists of three heavy boxes with a total weight of 65 kg. Due to size and weight restrictions in different countries for parcels, we have to split this order into 3 parcels. All three parcels are sent at the same time, which is always confirmed by pictures of the brand new produced product itself and pictures of the parcels with tracking numbers and shipping labels. Nevertheless, the EMS carrier manages to send the same order on different flights in 50% of cases. And let’s say the first of the three parcels was delivered in a week or two, and the second and third parcels only a month later.

Due to this situation, we signed a contract with DHL Express. The cost of this delivery for MOTOBSK clients is several times lower (7-10 times on average) than the usual cost of delivery of such a large and very heavy cargo. This type of transportation guarantees very fast delivery (up to 5 days to Europe and up to 7 days to the USA), all parcels of one order are delivered at the same time, and the possibility of accidental damage during transportation is extremely low.

We hope that in 2021 the situation with international transport will change and return to the state it was before. EMS has already purchased several aircraft and is creating its own airline for transportation, but until it is fully operational, we recommend everyone who wants to receive their order as soon as possible to choose the DHL EXPRESS delivery method when placing an order.

If the DHL EXPRESS method is not yet available when placing an order in your country, please contact our support service and we will calculate the delivery cost for you individually. We plan to add this shipping method for all product categories. It is already available for all Wheelie Machines, Snow Kits, Stunt Frames, and some other products.

We also plan to add some other carriers like FedEx (next week) and DPD (in 1-2 weeks) to replace the EMS “express” (we are planning to stop using this carrier in 1-2 weeks).

How can I pay for the order?

We accept the following types of payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Pay (Apple Pay)
  • Amazon Pay
  • Affirm (Monthly Payments)

For example, you can get the latest fully packed V4.0 PRO S 2021 version of the wheelie trainer for $131.11 per month for 18 months (if you choose monthly payments and if you are approved).

I ordered but didn't receive an invoice or email with the tracking number

Please check the spam folder in your email account. It should be there. The invoice sends automatically after the order is placed. We also send the emails with the pictures of the ordered products, the pictures of the parcels with the tracking numbers and shipping labels, the instructions if needed when your order is shipped. If you still didn’t get the email, please contact us.

My order is shipped. I've got the tracking number. How can I track it?

You can track it in your account or you can track it in any convenient app or service you like. The best tracking service we know is 1trackapp. It shows the most detailed info about the tracking from all the carriers simultaneously. It’s also available in French and Russian languages. You can use these links or install their app on your iOS or Android device.

I can not Sign in to My Account

This could happen if you enter your password or your login incorrectly 20 times during the day. If you are having difficulties signing into your personal account, please contact our support.

What is the wheelie machine price in India? (or any other country)

This is perhaps the most frequent question we receive. All prices on the website are quoted in US dollars. The final price in your currency depends only on the exchange rate of your bank or the payment system through which you make the payment. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what country you are in and what your national currency is, absolutely all prices are in US dollars.


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