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      The NEW Wheelie Machine ULTRA is the 6th Generation of the Wheelie Trainers by MOTOBSK. It’s the most advanced, reliable, and durable compact folding Wheelie Machine ever.

      Wheelie Machine ULTRA is designed to fit any motorcycle (Dirt, Cross, Enduro, Street, Sport, Sports Tourer, Standard, Cruiser, Adventure, Electric,  etc.) if it is just not a single-sided swingarm one and the rear tire diameter is within the indicated limits: MIN: 31cm and MAX: 75cm. The axle could be hollow or solid no matter what bike you are using.

      The Wheelie Machine ULTRA has become more versatile thanks to the new stunning ULTRA Add-On. No need for add-on switching anymore like in V5.

      Now with the single ULTRA add-on, you can use bikes with 31 cm to 75 cm diameter of the rear tire! Once again: with just a single add-on!


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    • Original price was: $888.88.Current price is: $698.88.

      This Wheelie Bar Fits all Enduro and Cross class motorcycles with hollow rear axles. We can also make individually custom ones for motorcycles of other classes or with non-hollow axles. Just indicate your Make/Model/Year in the order.

      You can choose the PLUS, MINI, or MAX version of the Wheelie Machine LITE.


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