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  • $148.88

    An ULTRA Attachment set allows you to attach the wheelie machine to a motorcycle with no holes in the rear axles. Wheelie Machine ULTRA allows you to choose the specific attachments you’d like to get or the regular set of attachments, which includes 4 pieces with 17, 19, 24, and 27 mm dimensions for the different types of nuts.

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  • $348.88

    You can choose a Single ULTRA Connection Set (UCS) or upgrade it to a Dual UCS which will save you a lot of time when swapping mini and regular/large size bikes as you don’t have to unbolt or detach the cones with thrust bearings and screw them into other holes. This set can also be as a spare in case of any damages during unforeseen incidents.

    Fits Wheelie Machines: V4.0 / V4.0 PRO / V4.0 MINI (30mm versions only) / Gen 5 / 5 MINI / 5 PRO / 5PRO Max / ULTRA

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  • $298.88

    The ULTRA Mat (UM) option helps to soften the impact when the motorcycle loops over the balance point and hits the impact plate. The ULTRA Mat absorbs this shock and gives the rider more chances to stay on the bike with a softer and smoother impact. It protects both the motorcycle and the wheelie trainer from damage, scratches, and chips.

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