Wheelie Machine (Folding) / Motorcycle Wheelie Trainer


The NEW 3rd Generation Reinforced Wheelie Machine (Folding)/Motorcycle Wheelie Trainer for stunt riding wheelie lessons by MotoBSK fits Any Motorcycle.



Black (RAL 9005) Red (RAL 3020) White (RAL 9003) Gray (RAL 7046) Yellow (RAL 1016) Green (RAL 6018) Orange (RAL 2004) Blue (RAL 5017) Pink (RAL 4003) Light Blue (RAL 5012) Purple (RAL 4008) Polymer coating in any color on customer request
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The NEW 3rd Generation Reinforced Wheelie Machine (Folding)/Motorcycle Wheelie Trainer for stunt riding wheelie lessons by MotoBSK fits Any Motorcycle.

NEW 3rd GENERATION with thrust bearings and sharper shape cones with new springs for the rear wheel and the damper (optional). This version of wheelie trainer comes with fittings.

It fits absolutely to ANY motorcycle!

The BEST wheelie machine you can get!

The most reliable wheelie trainer!

Polymeric color coating by customer request.

Approximate NET weight is about 55 kg.