Wheelie Machine 5 MINI


Wheelie Machine 5 MINI was designed specifically for mini bikes such as Honda GROM and similar models.

The compatibility list is in the description below.

The diameter of the rear tire should be MIN: 40cm (16″) and MAX: 55cm (22″) with the tire itself.

The Wheelie Machine 5 lineup is the most reliable and durable set of compact folding Wheelie Trainers ever.

All Generation 5 Wheelie Machines are folding ones!

  • You can choose different colors for the body (Main Color) and the elements like arms, thrust plate, tie rods, bolts ends, and the rear wheel swing arm (Secondary Color). Gorgeous Jet Black color is included free for all versions of the wheelie trainers. Wheelie Machine 5 PRO modification includes the availability to choose any color for free.

    This Add-On allows you to use your MINI version of a Wheelie Machine 5 with regular size motorcycles. Thus, you do not need to buy a regular-version of the Wheelie Trainer 5 separately for them. You save $ 1300 by doing so, as well as space in the garage for storage or in the car for transport. Wheelie Machine 5 PRO and 5 PRO Max include this Add-on for free.

    For the Wheelie Machine 5/5 MINI/5 PRO, there are 2 types of wheels to choose from Custom Reinforced (black tires) and Flat-Free Custom Reinforced wheels (yellow tires). All wheels have new custom axles and reinforced bearings. Wheelie Machine 5 PRO Max modification includes SUPER reinforced wheels for free.

    There are often non-hollow rear axes on motorcycles with small engine displacement. A set of fittings allows you to attach the wheelie trainer to a motorcycle with no holes in the axles. This set includes fittings with 17, 19, 22 (24), 27 mm dimensions for the different types of nuts. Wheelie Machine 5 PRO Max modification includes this fittings set for free.

    A damper option is designed for stable rectilinear movement of the Wheelie Machine at higher speeds. In the early stages of training, the motorcycle often rolls over backward and strong impacts occur on the thrust plate of the wheelie trainer. With such hits, the wheelie machine can turn sharply to the right or left, which could lead to unpredictable consequences. The damper avoids these situations and stabilizes the movement of the wheelie machine straight, which means more stability on the road. Wheelie Machine 5 PRO Max modification includes this damper option set for free.

    The Stunt Rod option is unavailable for the MINI version

    Stunt Rod is intended for motorcycles that do not have a round bar (wheelie bar/ 12 o’clock bar) installed. If you go beyond the balance point, you can damage the motorcycle's tail light or fender. Stunt Rod allows you to adjust the angle of the motorcycle. For example, at the very beginning of training, you can start with a small angle, then increase the length of the cable to increase the ascent angle. Wheelie Machine 5 PRO Max modification includes this stunt rod option for free.

    The Stunt Footboards were designed to protect the rider. When training on a wheelie machine, force majeure circumstances can sometimes occur, and if at this moment the foot falls into the lever of the trainer when it moves, then the probability of injury is not excluded. Thus, the Stunt Footboards protect the rider and make the training process much comfortable and safe. Wheelie Machine 5 PRO Max modification includes this stunt footboards option for free.

    The Stunt Mat helps to soften the impact when the motorcycle loops over the balance point and hits the impact plate. The Stunt Mat absorbs this shock and allows the rider to stay on the bike with a softer and smoother impact. It protects both the motorcycle and the wheelie trainer from damage, scratches, and chips. Wheelie Machine 5 PRO Max modification includes this stunt mat option for free.

    An extra 30 mm Bolts Set for the wheelie machine allows you to significantly save time when changing add-ons for mini and regular-size bikes since you do not need to unscrew the bolts and disconnect the cones with thrust bearings when changing those add-ons. Also, this kit serves as a spare in case of unexpected damage during unpredictable incidents. The set includes 2 bolts, 2 cones, and 2 thrust bearings. The bolts' ends are painted in the secondary color you chose. Wheelie Machine 5 PRO Max modification includes this extra bolts set for free.

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Wheelie Trainer V4.0 MINI was designed specifically for mini bikes such as Honda GROM and similar models.

The diameter of the rear tire should be MIN: 40cm (16″) and MAX: 55cm (22″).

Compatibility list:

Honda msx125 (Grom)KTM 65 sx
Honda MonkeyKTM 50 sx
Honda crf50fKTM 85 sx
Honda crf70fKawasaki kx65
CSC City SlickerKawasaki kx85
Husqvarna cr65Razor SX350
Husqvarna cr50Suzuki dr-z 70
Husqvarna tc65Yamaha pw50
Husqvarna tc50Yamaha pw80
Husqvarna tc85Yamaha yz85

Other mini bikes

*  Jet Black is already included for FREE in all versions of the Wheelie Machine 5 Gen. as a MAIN and SECONDARY color. You can upgrade it to any available color. For the 5 PRO version, all colors are free.

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Wheelie Machine 5 MINI