Stunt Kit Kawasaki zx6r 09-18 Exclusive US EDITION

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This Exclusive MotoBSK US EDITION Stunt Kit for Kawasaki zx6r 09-18 is now available in Sarasota FL

STUNT KIT includes:

  • Stunt Frame by MotoBSK (*US EDITION*)
  • Stunt Subframe by MotoBSK (*US EDITION*)
  • Stunt Cage with Sliders by MotoBSK (*US EDITION*)
  • Stunt Subcage with Damper Sliders by MotoBSK (*US EDITION*)
  • Stunt Foot Pegs by MotoBSK (*US EDITION*)
  • Front Rear Stunt Pegs (Wheel Sliders) by MotoBSK (*US EDITION*)
  • Stunt Bar Ends by MotoBSK (*US EDITION*)
  • Stunt Stay by MotoBSK (*US EDITION*)
  • + BONUS – Exclusive Seat by MotoBSK (*US EDITION*)

The frame configuration has been upgraded, various fasteners have been added: for the relay, for the expansion tank and, accordingly, for all the fasteners for plastic.

The frame will look aesthetically pleasing and without installed plastic.

All elements are easy to mount.

A square is installed on the front of the frame – this is the place of attachment of the headlight.

Also included in the full protection kit is a steel stunt stay. It is made by analogy of plastic one, but it withstands stronger hits, as it is many times stronger.

In previous versions, the subframe was mounted on the same plane; in the new version, the fastenings are placed on the upper tube of the frame, which adds rigidity along the fasteners.

The cage in the new version of the protection kit is made more concisely and universally. The design is very reliable and allows you to avoid damage during a fall. The elements of the cage fit as close as possible to the plastic and therefore this modification of the cage is easily used both on urban motorcycles and on the stunt bikes. The length of the slider is adjustable. For urban motorcycles, you can put a shorter slider and quietly move around on urban roads without fear that a cell may get caught on something, for example, in traffic jams. The stunt version of the same cage modification is used quite often. You just need to put a longer slider.

The configuration of the cage is made according to the classical scheme, the slider is lifted up. It does not have a rigid attachment, it serves to prevent the motorcycle from tipping over when it falls.

This kit includes brackets and foot pegs for the 9-12th year.

One of the main parts of this stunt kit is the stunt subframe. We have saved in the configuration of the subframe all the stock mounting points and its appearance. Our subframe is designed in such a way that its rigidity is much higher than the stock subframe. Due to the special engineering design. The back of the subframe is designed in such a way that the yoke is built into the tail. It sticks out a little from behind the seat. The subframe aesthetically looks like on the stunt bikes, and on urban motorcycles.

If you sometimes like to drive on the rear wheel and strike the asphalt, then this modification of the subframe will suit you perfectly. As for the stunt riding it is just the perfect design.

In this modification of the complete stunt kit a lot of intellectual and physical labor is invested. Aesthetics in all details was thought out, the company logo was placed on all the parts, the whole set is MotoBSK branded.

Why it is better to buy a complete set?

Every detail of this kit is made in such a way that they will clearly fit together. For example, a subframe or cage is fitted to the frame.

When parts from different manufacturers are installed, inconsistencies in the nuances are possible. For example, in adapters between the cage and the frame there will be difficulties with fitting the parts and fitting them to each other. It will take much more time and effort to establish everything accurately.

Therefore, it is always better to take a comprehensive protection from a single manufacturer.