Full Steel Stunt Frame Kawasaki zx6r 07-08


It is intended for connection of a steering column, the engine and a back suspension bracket.
Is a key part of the motorcycle chassis. Suitable for both stunt motorcycles and city bikes.



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Main dimensions:
The steering column is 70 mm in diameter. Wall thickness is 6 mm.
The thickness of the fasteners is 8 mm.
The average weight is 16 kg.

Design features:
The specificity of the frame’s modification is 2007-2008.
The upper part of the frame construction is made of a pipe narrower in diameter. It is on this part that the tank lays down and it does not fail.
The engine of the model 2007-2008 is wider than that of previous models. The size and construction of the frame is considered convex, i.e. the distance between the walls is greater than on the frames a year older. And the engine due to this rises perfectly inside the frame.
The maximum turn of the helm is made, which is a very valuable advantage, because the stock frame at this year’s model has a minimal turn.
In contrast to the stock mounting of the rear shock absorber, where there are two mounting positions, in the frame of MotoBSK there is one, and it’s the most profitable. That allow to facilitate the construction and get rid of unnecessary fasteners, spacers.
Beautiful, neat geometry of the design. All lines are smooth and even.
We use caprolon plugs of the technological holes.
The bearing seats in the steering column are thickened.
After welding, all parameters of the workpiece’s geometry, and the alignment of the upper and lower parts of the steering column are checked.
The frame is equipped with a jumper, the dimensions of which clearly coincide with the fastening points. The arcs of the fastening jumper are not in the same plane, we lengthened one of the sides, and made a jumper in parallel. This does not affect the technical properties, on the contrary, but it simplifies the installation of the frame.
On the right side of the engine mount place there are not arcs, but the bushing. It is welded into the corner, and it looks like a single whole.
A caprolon, decorative plug is installed in the bushing.
The subframe mountings are identical and will approach the stock system by 100%.
The thread in the foot pegs supports was cut. They are easy to install on the stock bolts.
A special flange was welded, so when installing the tank you can use the standard mounting bolts. A mounting for the expansion tank was made. To fasten the charging relay, a plate with technological holes is specially made, which will allow the relay to be fastened close to the plate and to be quickly cooled.
Attachment for the earthing is provided.
The subframe mounts, the footrests of the rider, the lower and upper shock absorber’s ball joints are all cut out on the CNC machine.
The details look aesthetically beautiful and correct.
All technological holes are taken into account.

Special offer:
It is possible to modify the frame with the bracing for the stunt stay, if you are going to put plastic and fairing.
You can write in the comments to the order: a frame with a bracing for a stunt stay.
Argon Welding
Seam processing.
Sandblasting and preparation for painting.
Polymeric color coating by customer request.

* This MotoBSK stunt frame is copied very often. Be careful, beware of fakes!