Race Foot Pegs


Footsteps of the rider, brackets.
Motorcycle parts. Designed for both stunt and city motorcycles.

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The base of the bracket is made on the principle of a sandwich, which make them reliable and resilient.
These are three plates. The outer are made of duralumin and the central is made of steel. They are connected together by tension rivets. The whole structure has an increased elasticity.

Accordingly, it is very difficult to bend or break such a bracket.
Brackets are supplied with the kind of foot pegs: tightly folded 22 mm.

Brackets are completed with a pedal of a gear change and a brake pedal.

For Kawasaki zx6r 03-04 there is an extended thrust in the kit.
For Kawasaki zx6r 05-06, the thrust set does not need to be used, the native traction is suitable.
For F4i we produce brackets for the gearshift stock pedals and brake pedal.
Traction with its own brackets is in the set, and the foot pegs are without traction.

Pedal of a gear change and a brake pedal are made of steel. They are affixed by bushings made of tin bronze.

Foot pegs for racing tracks: folding (tightly folded).
The design is changed, there is no spring like in stock models.
The foot peg is folded in the fall and impact, but does not break, and the rider just straightens it in place with his hand and continues moving. That is especially important at ring races.
The bracket, pedal of a gear change and a brake pedal remain intact.

The length of the step for this modification can be 90 mm or less.

The foot pegs are very reliable and usable.
Weight for right and left brackets assembly is 1.9 kg

The inner plate and the heel stop are painted in any color. The type of coloring is polymer.
Duralumin is not colored.

All fasteners are included. You do not need any updates, because everything is taken into account.
All foot pegs’ models have passed tests on real motorcycles in different regions.
There are no complaints from clients. There’re no problems with brackets installation.

* These MotoBSK race foot pegs are copied very often. Be careful, beware of fakes!