Front and Rear Stunt Pegs (Wheel Sliders)


Designed to protect: wheel rim, pendulum, silencer, front fork of a motorcycle, brake disc.
Are installed both on city motorcycles, and on stunt bikes.

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A well thought-out fastening system, each set is manufactured in the exact size of the wheel axle, individually for each model of the motorcycle.
Easy to install. High quality workmanship.

On the front axle: Length 70 mm (Dural 50 mm Caprolon sleeve 20 mm)
diameter 38 mm
On the rear axle: Length 85 mm (Dural 65 mm Caprolon bush 20 mm)
diameter 50 mm

the base is duralumin d16t; bushing – caprolon with graphite, white caprolon.
If desired, the pegs are made to the right size and diameter.

Pegs of wheels can be ordered separately on the front or rear axle.
Pegs are completed with caprolon bushings: black graphite or white. The bushings are interchangeable, easily replaceable. If necessary, an additional set of bushings can be ordered.
Reinforced pegs of wheels. They are equipped with studs of strength class 10.9 or for certain motorcycle models with added axes and bolts.

* These MotoBSK stunt pegs (wheel sliders) are copied very often. Be careful, beware of fakes!